Social and Personal Power
Pluto – Social and Personal Power

Social – marked by or passed in pleasant companionship with friends or associates, of or relating to human society, the interaction of the individual and the group, or the welfare of human beings as members of society.

The Value of the Social

The value system of the Social represents what we choose to reveal about ourselves.  It asks the question, “What am I going to communicate at this time?” And, “What level do I wish to play?”

We are social creatures. We love to communicate and express our values.  What we communicate is at the forefront of our mind and what is currently displaying in our environment.  This is important to note, our social value will represent everything going on in the other value systems.  In social life we communicate with how we are feeling, how family members are doing, what level of financial status we are, and our viewpoints on worldly events we are attracted to.  And of course there are many other social events.

This discussion here is about personal growth.  What would happen if we stop to look at the health of the people we are socializing with or the financial statuses our friends are in.  Would it make us reflect back and wonder about our current health and financial situations?  Suppose a person is making an attempt to quit smoking.  However, his friends all smoke when they are hanging out.  What do you think his chances are on quitting smoking and staying in the same social group?  In a matter of fact this person would defeat his purpose hanging out with smokers.

It’s the same type of situation in the financial / wealth value.  Can you image the difference in conversation between someone in the billionaire status vs. someone making $10,000 dollars a year?  Imagine how different the visions of the billionaires would be with unlimited possibility thinking.

On the other hand the person at the $10,000 a year level may only be in survival mode and totally stuck in the world of their environment.  Not being able to see a way out of the mess of their environment, their conversation will reflect more negative belief systems.

Now let suppose we are making a decision to improve our financial /wealth environment and we have social friends operating at the $10,000 a year income.  Could you leave them?  Would it be just because of the money or the vibration they are holding?  What are the attractions that kept the friendships going in the first place?  This is important to review!

The best place to understand “Law of Attraction” is in your social networking.  If you’re just starting off with this concept, just sit back, and watch the discussion of your current social network and friends.  Look at what is attracting you!  Listen to what you are saying to your friends or group.  That is your current attraction.  Now, look at what is drawing you closer to the person or group.  And, look at what is repelling you from the person or group.  Highly recommend to journal the interactions.  Now match what you just journal to your goals and objectives.  How is it looking?

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