A Journey into Value Systems – Cracking the Genius Code Workbook

The workbook A Journey into Value Systems – Cracking the Genius Code is the primary focus of our shop.  Currently, we are offering a 3-ring version of the workbook as we prepare for publication with Hay House & Balboa Press.

Here’s what the Developmental Editor said about my workbook:  “It has been a pleasure to perform the Developmental Edit of A Journey into Value Systems, an insightful and enlightening book that guides the reader through a transformative process to overhaul and improve his or her personal and professional life.”

Also, if you have challenges like the following this is a good course to take:

  • diabetes
  • weight gain or weight loss
  • cigarette smoking
  • drug use
  • high blood pressure
  • cancer

A Journey into Value Systems–Cracking the Genius Code-Google Hangout Group Call

Google Hangout calls are group calls to support you on your journey.  Get all your questions answered on Google Hangout calls.

We will go through different lessons in the text so you’ll have a clear understanding of your journey.

The hangout calls are motivational, inspirational, and transformational.

Private Coaching Calls

Private coaching calls are for the journeyers who desire to get things done in a fast pace method.

Private coaching calls are by the one-half hour.

Coach Keith

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