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In numerology, we have numbers that catch our attention to remind us of events in our lives.  Our birthday would be a group of numbers that reminds us of the day we entered the Earth’s vibration.

The number 2020 is no different.  The number 2020 has always been associated with vision.  We have been taught if we had 20/20 vision with our eyes we were seeing clearly.  Also, we’ve been taught hindsight is 2020.  We are fast approaching the 2020 year.  I am suggesting this is an important year for all of us on Earth.  In our country we have an extremely important presidential election coming up next year that could change the direction of our country big time.   I am also suggesting those with their personal visions in place will have a better chance of manifesting what they desire to experience.

Okay, the reason why I’m writing on this topic.  I am offering weekly group coaching calls to assist journeyers to clarify their visions for the 2020 year.  The calls are designed to continue clarifying your value systems, continue cracking your genius code, and coaching to overcome those challenging value systems.

The idea is to pick one of the major value systems: career/personal development, emotional/mental, family, financial/wealth, health, physical, social, spiritual.  I would suggest picking the value system you want to thrive in.  Financial values would be a popular one.

Once the vision is in place for your picked value system, we will explore the other value systems to find challenges that may be slowing down your vision from past efforts.  For example, if you picked career / personal development and it has been challenging getting your desires in motion,  there may be another value system blocking the progress.  In the case of career and personal development, there may be health value challenges or financial value challenges in the way.  I will show you how to work those challenging value systems.

Journeyers will receive two chapters (PDF) from the book A Journey into Value Systems:  Upon request Word Doc.

  • Defining your genius value systems
  • Things I desire

Any questions email me:  myvaluesystems@gmail.com


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