Earth - Our Physical Realities
Earth – Our Physical Realities

Physical – of or relating to natural science: characterized or produced by the forces and operations of physics.  Having material existence: perceptible especially through the senses and subject to the laws of nature, everything physical is measurable by weight, motion, and resistance.

The Value of the Physical Mind

The value system of the physical represents our environment and how we perceive our body.  It asks the question, “What is it I choose to see in my world?”  We respond through five of our physical senses here, sight, touch, taste, smell, and sound.  The conscious mind operates here through the five senses as the interpreter of what it wants to see and choose.

In the Value System under Physical is a great place to talk about the conscious mind.  We are free will beings.  Granted there are mechanisms in place on our planet that suppresses free will and I will mention television as one of them.  So, when making choices we are operating through the conscious level of the mind.  When we make choices, we send signals out to the Universe and our subconscious mind saying this is how I want my Physical reality to be.   This could be in the realm of positive realities, negative realities, or a neutral reality by just being the observer.

Now, many people will go, “Wait a minute!” “You mean to tell me that I created all of my messes in my life?”   “I created my diabetes, the financial difficulties, I’m too busy working I have no social life, and the fact that my brother and I don’t get along.  I still remembered what he did to me twenty years ago.  I hate him for that!”  My answer will be yes or the control was given away to someone else and it has affected your life in a negative way.  We’ll take credit for all of the wonderful things in our life.  How about taking credit for the chaos too!

The conscious mind sees things in dualities.  The duality of positive thinking and negative thinking is very important in understanding how our current environment is working.  What are we saying about our environment?  Please understand, the environment is where we find our self in that moment of time.  The things we are saying will keep the physical reality in place or cause the reality to change.  It will impact the choice to life to live in a fine beautiful home off the shores of the Pacific Ocean or being homeless on the city streets of New York City.  We make those choices!

Have you ever wondered why some of your goals big goals do not work especially, the type of goals that will triple your income or entirely change your life?  Many of us will use only the conscious mind to accomplish our goals.  The use of affirmations is at the conscious level.  Great tool!  Very powerful but not enough!   At the level of the conscious mind saying affirmations, doing research, planning events, and taking action are well within the scope of the conscious mind.  The conscious mind does not have the ability to see beyond its environment.  Working on goals only at the conscious mind level will result in failure every time.  The conscious mind can be overwhelmed easily and its capacity is limited comparing it to the other levels of the mind, the subconscious mind and the higher mind.

We are on a beautiful planet and we call it Earth.  This planet has all the possibilities of living and lifestyles right here.  We have been given the gift to experience life in physical realities here on Earth.  If we are experiencing limitations, it is by our choosing or we have not been coached to see things otherwise.  We are creators and we have the mind to create and materialize what we choose to see.  We do it all the time!  Be aware that this is so.  If there is something that is not liked in your life, changed the thinking and begin the new process of a new reality.

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