Health Value Systems

Health Power comes from the Omnipotent, Health Knowledge comes from the Omniscient, and Health Presents come from Omnipresent.  

  • Health Values: The condition of being sound in body, mind, or spirit, especially freedom from physical disease or pain

Health Value Systems ask the questions “Do I love my body?” and “Do I love my mind?”

To love our bodies and minds is to promote health, and to hate our bodies and minds is to promote illness. If the two emotions love and hate are cohabitating in the body/mind, the body and mind are indeed at war and will express their concerns back to the conscious and subconscious minds as confusion. Choosing to be aware of the condition of our bodies, we will find many body signals and emotional feelings with which to work to bring our bodies into a healthier arena. The body voices start off as soft whispers and become louder until the signals of illness cannot be ignored anymore. The key is to catch the signals at the soft-whisper stage and deal with the emotions and belief systems at that time.

I have observed that the body and mind do not care what they experience. The body and mind will merrily go down the paths we’ve selected consciously or unconsciously. We have to make the choice to live a healthier lifestyle. Making choices with the understanding of love will set up a higher vibration in our bodies and minds and allow us to take charge of the activities in our minds. This means removing all the hatred, anger, and negative emotions stored in our minds.

I’ve also observed that it is important to understand the addictions related to what we put into our bodies. The one addiction I’ve had since the fifth grade was to sodium. I was caught off guard when I realized that was an addiction. It started after school when a bunch of us kids would go to Joe’s Grocery Store down the street from the elementary school. We would all purchase sour balls (Chinese Salty Plums). I didn’t realize until about fifteen years ago, some thirty years later, that only five little plums in a package had about 1500 milligrams of salt. I would eat about five packages of these sour balls in a day. I was unaware I was putting 7500 milligrams of sodium in my body each day. Needless to say, I’ve stopped eating the sour balls, but the sodium addiction was still ingrained in my subconscious mind, and it showed up in eating other things like potato chips, popcorn, corn chips, pies and cake (lots of sodium there), and yes, Chinese food with soy sauce. My point is we have to pay close attention to what we are thinking, saying, feeling, and eating and change those old, unwanted belief systems to obtain a healthier lifestyle.

Hypertension started showing up in my body.  I began the process of taking action of improve my health. For me, this was a challenging path. An uncle of mine had a massive heart attack in his fifties, and so I had bottled-up fears that began to surface about that situation. Those darn Lipitor television commercials— “And next time you have a heart attack!”  Then I realized my mom and dad were on blood pressure medications. I immediately began to understand that I was following some kind of family programming about my health and wellbeing. I decided I was going to choose another path, and I did.

I began to change my viewpoint about health and what I put into my body. I began to create health affirmations to give me a different focus. The new affirmations created confusion in my subconscious mind and body because I had a tremendous amount of fear about who I was and how I felt about my body. I had to really look at those fears, which had been running old programs in my subconscious mind for a long time. Some of the fears came from my parents’ fears; some came from watching unhealthy and violent TV programs. Many of the fears were beliefs about old age and dying, and more importantly, I had fears about how I hated my body. I realized I placed many judgments on my body and mind. I am sharing this because I know I am not alone in this.

I had to learn to let go of all of those fears and stop judging my body. I had to learn to love my body and be a good host to my body. I have learned to say, “I love you, body, and thank you for your services.” The process continues!

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