Jupiter - Wealth - Highest Fulfillment
Jupiter – Wealth – Highest Fulfillment

Financial – the science or study of the management of funds

Wealth – Abundant supply

Wealth Power comes from the Omnipotent, Wealth Knowledge comes from the Omniscient, and Wealth Presents come from Omnipresent.  

In today’s world we see many people lacking in abundance and fewer people are engulfed in material abundance including money.  The best way I heard about abundance is, “All there is, is abundance.”  “Including, the abundance of lack!” Abundance is a Universal Law.

The financial value system asks the question, “What is my self-worth?”  This question may not have anything to do with money, but it could.  Self-esteem and self-worth are closely connected.  It has been my observation when there’s zero money coming in; it affects the self-esteem and self-worth.  When we are not providing a service to someone, it could have an impact on how we feel about our self.  Especially, it could be an impact on our emotional value system.  When we are spending the majority of the day working for someone else and not living in our passion it could affect our self-worth.  The best way to have self-esteem and self-worth is to include the genius mind in our belief system.

Of course, there are many steps in the process to include the genius mind.  There’s one I would like to talk about at this point.  It is moving out of fear!  There are three steps in moving out of fear: trust, belief, and knowing.

In trusting, many people will trust in something or someone else.  For example; trust in God, trust in Jesus, trust aunt Ester, the cross, etcetera.  It has been my observation that people will trust outside of themselves.  However, things really won’t start clicking until the announcement is made, “I trust myself!”  It is fine to include all the outside influences we like for trusting but until the trust is coming from the inside of our being there’s no connection.  This should be a heartfelt condition to align oneself to the Universal Law of Attraction.

To believe means our thoughts are in order and our emotions are in order to create the excitements and the passions we desire.  In our belief system, we will be well taken care of in the financial/wealth arena.

Bob Proctor said, “I see only the objective all obstacles must give way.”  Seeing only the objective is an important piece to believing.  Allowing other thoughts to come in like worrying about where the money is coming from, can be very disruptive to the passion and excitements one is looking for.  This means there will need to be changes in the belief system in the financial values.  To have the belief systems, money is the root of all evil could cause money to repel away.  Because it’s a negative belief.  Or, to have the belief system that millionaires and billionaires are bad evil people are judgment areas that should be avoided.

All thoughts and emotions should be in align with the affirmation “I believe!”  To believe in yourself just like trusting in yourself are important steps to passions and excitements.  Isn’t this what self-worth and self-esteem is all about, believing in oneself?

To know is the ultimate step to self-worth.  It is the step that announces I have a genius mind and I am connected to the Most High, the Greater Good, and/or Omniscient.  Whatever your connection is with higher calling, you are connected to it!  This knowingness and connection give one the ability to go into the Unknown.  To go into the Unknown without fear (false evidence appearing real) is a beautiful thing.  Because it announces I trust, I believe, and I know something wonderful is happening.  The Unknown is where all the possibilities are.  When we move into the field of unlimited possibilities, we are truly worth something. This goes well beyond any material goods.

Coach Keith


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