A Journey into Value Systems – Family connections

Family – a group of individuals living under one roof and usually under one head.  A group of persons of common ancestry.  A group of people united by certain convictions or a common affiliation, the basic unit in society traditionally consisting of two parents rearing their children.

Family Power comes from the Omnipotent, Family Knowledge comes from the Omniscient, and Family Presents come from Omnipresent.  

The Value of the Family

The value system of the Family represents the foundation of who we are. It asks the question “Is my relationship with you of love or hate?”  And, “Why do we have this belief system in our family anyway?”   When we are born into this planet our subconscious mind is wide opened with no protection.  That means ”ALL” information that’s in the environment goes directly into the subconscious mind.  Everything that’s being said, the emotional feelings, and every single dynamics within the family are picked up by this new member of the family.  It is the family’s responsibility to guide and protect the information going into the subconscious mind.  However, this information is not taught in traditional schools.  The Guardian at the Gate (conscious mind) starts awakening about seven years into our life. 

Do you remember the “why” stages of your life?  That usually begins around the age of four and goes well into the teens.  When you asked a question on why something was this or that way do you remember every being told, “Because I said so by a parent or older sibling?”  Many belief systems have been established by this method of interactions.  It sets up a pattern as a parent or older sibling I’m in control here and these are the rules and here are the beliefs.  This pattern (programming) can fall into the categories of all of the value systems.

As young children, we watch and see patterns that are going on in the environment.  Looking from our adult minds now we can easily look back and see the patterns our family had in the realm of health, financial / wealth, physical, mental / emotional, social, career / personal development, and spiritual.  How many of these patterns (programs)  are no longer serving a purpose for your higher good? 

I remember when I was a young boy and my mother introduced me to prayer before going to sleep at night.  And it states:  “Now I lay me down to sleep I pray the Lord my soul to keep.  If I die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take.”  This prayer use to scare the dickens out of me!  Going to sleep thinking I was going to die was horrifying to me as a little boy.  I asked, why do we say this?  Mom said, because you want the Lord to take your soul in case you die and that’s what my mother taught me!  I did recently ask my mom if she was still saying this prayer and she said, “No!”  From my own experiences I am surprised how many old and outdated belief systems I discovered.  I am happy to say I have a very pleasant way of communicating and listening to the pulse of Divine.

My kids laugh at me today because they can see the control my mom have over me.  They get a charge and this bright eyed look when my mom asks me to do something and I jump up and do it.  They’re in total amazement!   My mom and I have an, I love you relationship along with my children.  Because I had an absent father, I had many challenges to get to the love status with him and occasionally the emotions swings a little.  I had to work through all the judgments and belief systems about him to move into the love arena.  Because I’m an only child, I think my I love you and I hate you relationships have been small compared to many.  However, I think this is something very important to look at within each family member.  Especially, if there’s a huge emotional charge either on the hate side or on the love side! 


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