Emotional and Mental Values

A Journey into Value Systems – Emotions and family values are closely related

Emotional – A state of feeling.  A conscious mental reaction (as anger, fear, joy) subjectively accompanied by physiological and behavioral changes in the body.

Mental – of or relating to the mind, specifically: of or relating to the total emotional and intellectual response of an individual to external reality.

Emotional Power comes from the Omnipotent

Emotional Knowledge comes from the Omniscient

Emotional Presents come from Omnipresent

The value system of the Mental / Emotional represents our emotional feelings and how we perceive our mental state of being.  It asks the question, “How do I feel and react about everything in my world?”  The emotions are the driving engines of the things we manifest in life.  There are good emotions and bad emotions.  The good emotions of joy, happiness, and excitement will produce its equivalent in the environment.  The bad emotions of hatred, meanness, and anger will produce its equivalent and may show up negatively in the environment including physical health.

The conscious mind adds fuel to the emotion(s) being played out by giving it attention.  The attention stops the emotions goes down.  It is up to the genius mind or the ego mind to determine the qualities of the emotions.  An emotion totally out of control will produce the same in its environment.  A real angry person can be totally consumed by the emotion with unpredictable result in his or hers environment.  This is an extremely powerful level of our mind and value system.  The child (emotional level of the subconscious mind) must be under control and not abuse its powers. 

This is a good place to talk about the subconscious mind.  It is known to be subservient to the conscious mind (the genius mind or the ego mind).  The subconscious mind is known as the child not because it lacks anything but because it is subjective and follows the direction of the conscious mind or others who might be in control of the individual.  Because the subconscious mind does not question the information coming in, if not screened by “the guardian at the gate”, it will accept everything to be true whether it is true or not.  This is very important to understand.  Many times we have thoughts and emotions that are not ours.  These thoughts and emotions were picked up or handed down from someone else’s belief systems.  

There could be literal thousands of false information running in the subconscious mind right now.  Many of these programs are downloads from watching television, from parents with negative and positive view points, from friends, and other family members we want to stay close to.  So, we agree with the cultural thinking and emotional content.  Many of these old thought processes and emotional content have direct relationships on our health and other aspects of our environment.  If there are serious health problems it is extremely important to review what the associated emotions are.  Discover the people tied to the emotions, all of the mental programming, negative thoughts, and belief systems that may be  affecting the illness. 

Becoming aware of feelings are powerful awakenings to who and what we choose to be.  To be angry will now be a choice.  To be loving will now be a choice.  Instead of just flying off the handle and having no control of the emotion being displayed.  We can now take charge of our emotions and display it in a way it’s environmentally friendly. 

Be sure to listen to the Emotional Conference Calls.  Powerful information stored there!

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