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A Journey into Value Systems – Personal Development

Personal Development power comes from the Omnipotent

Personal Development knowledge comes from the Omniscient

Personal Development presents moment come from Omnipresent.

  • Career Values: A field for or pursuit of consecutive progressive achievement, especially in public, professional, or business life; a profession for which one trains and undertakes as a permanent calling.
  • Personal Development: relating to an individual or an individual’s character, conduct, motives, or private affairs, often addressing offensive manners; having the qualities of a person rather than a thing or abstraction; to set forth or make clear by degrees or in detail; to work out the possibilities.

Develop your labor of love!

The Career/Personal Development Value Systems ask the questions, “What are my burning desires in life?” and “On what level do I choose to provide my services?”

What are your burning desires? Chances are those desires are your latent talents. One of the beautiful powers of our minds is that all we have to do is choose and then become. The key is trust and allowing the genius mind and higher mind to show the path. In developing talents, it may take years to become the expert in the field. The journey may be well worth it!

The journey of remembering and learning are part of the excitement of being on the correct career or personal development path. A word of caution: a path that doesn’t make you feel burning desires or excitements is not the correct career or personal development path. Make another choice! Many times we respond to the suggestions of others instead of going into the cores of our beings. Ask the genius part of you to bring in those talents.

Having a vision is an important part of understanding how a career or personal development will be applied. For growth, the vision must be greater than the current level we find ourselves in. In other words, we must serve a higher purpose. For example, the child who sweeps the floor and helps clean around the house is serving a higher purpose to the family. The person who goes out and works for a corporation is serving a higher purpose to the city. A person who wants to become involved in the city must at least have a higher vision to serve the state. To become involved at the state level, one needs a higher purpose to serve the country, and then from country to world and from world to the universe. Some may say, “Hey, isn’t serving God the highest purpose?” and my answer would be yes, and all-that-is is operating on all of these visions.

One of my biggest challenges on this path and developing my personality was removing fears and past guilt and doubting myself. If these are in place in your life, here are some keys to overcoming them quickly: Fear (false evidence appearing real), guilt, and doubt are projections of the past, the future, or both. Stop projecting in those directions. Create the path of living only in the present moment. Surround the present conditions with all of your strengths in alignment with the highest purpose you can live. Think of only that! Learn to be the observer, and watch for opportunities the universe provides. Being the observer means removing all judgments about yourself and your environment.

In developing the values of career and personal development, ask your genius mind and higher mind what those values are. You should have a sense of excitement and adventure. Once your idea has been given to you—and it will be if you ask—the next step is to ask your imagination what first steps you should take.

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