Editor 1 “A Journey into Value Systems is an expansive guide and workbook to help readers explore all aspects of our lives and make profound changes in how we live. The book effectively uses teaching elements such as stories and exercises to impart information and help readers participate in the process. Your friendly, authoritative writing style engages and encourages readers.”

Editor 2 “It has been a pleasure to perform the Developmental Edit of A Journey into Value Systems, an insightful and enlightening book that guides the reader through a transformation process to overhaul and improve his or her personal and professional life.”

Outside Press Company Lettra Press. “Your book, A Journey into Value Systems, was scouted and recommended to us by our literary reviewers. They find the book very interesting. They reviewed the book and gave a rating of 8.6 out of 10.” 

Editor 3 “Thank you for the opportunity to edit your book. It is so easy today for us to forget or ignore all the important aspects of existence that help us to be happy and productive human beings. Your workbook will make it easy for readers to improve their lives by organizing and focusing their thoughts and emotions and tuning out distractions. I think most people will find the journey to be an eye-opening experience too!”

You can purchase A Journey into Value Systems – Cracking the Genius Code at Amazon at Barnes and Noble.

Keith Thompson


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  1. The value systems have allowed me to really know myself, creating a happier, healthier person.

    • The saying “know thy self,” is true and it is where happiness can be found. I know you have done the work to have found happiness.

      • A journey into value systems has enabled me to transform all life situations into opportunities for spiritual growth. learning about universal love and compassion from the inside out,it is an indispensable companion for all of my life

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