The Genius Mind versus The Ego Mind

Genius Mind vs Ego Mind

In our personality structure, there are three personalities we can choose at the physical level (third dimension): the genius mind, the observer, and the ego-mind.  The genius mind and the ego-mind make up the duality we see in our world.

The observer is the neutral point to bring in clarity of any situation.  What this means is when being the observer, there are no emotions.  We can bring in the awareness to observe any given situation.  Once the situation been reviewed with no emotions, now you can choose whether to use the genius mind or the ego-mind for that situation.  This principle will take some practice.

It is through the emotions you can tell if you’re in the genius mind or the ego-mind.  The two minds are in complete opposition to each other.   The genius mind is constructive.  The ego-mind is destructive, and the ego-mind suppresses and attacks the body and mind to make it sick.  The genius mind brings Light into the body and mind to create in our true nature with Universal Laws.  The genius mind is in direct alignment with Universal Laws and the ego-mind is out of harmony with the Universal Laws.

It is important to understand your value systems and using your genius mind to stay in alignment with Universal Laws.

The genius’s emotions of love, gratitude, happiness, peacefulness, joy, appreciation, tranquility, calmness, and courageousness can create alignment with universal laws.  These emotions will create oneness with others, healing, and a deeper understanding of life.

On the other hand, the ego’s emotions of hatred, anger, rage, extreme sadness, mean judgments toward self, and mean judgments toward others, can easily pull us off track with Universal Laws.  These emotions will create an imbalance in everything we value in life.


Excerpts from the book A Journey into Value Systems – Cracking the Genius Code:

Cracking the genius code is cracking your genius code.  The geniuses we are isn’t something we need to develop from scratch.  The geniuses we are is something we need to remember because it is who we are. 

One of the meanings of genius:

“Extraordinary intellectual power especially as manifested in creative activity.” – (Dictionary, 2019)

Viyahta, a blog radio host, interviewed me on one of her programs, and we were talking about geniuses.  All of a sudden, she blurted, “Out of the womb of a mother, a genius is born!”  Just imagine, a mother and a father realizing the genius of this future baby at conception.  What a brilliant person he or she will be. 

“Everyone Is a Genius” …”But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.” – (Einstein, 2016)

I want to add, if you judge the fish on its ability to swim, the fish would be a genius. 

To Albert Einstein point, we are all geniuses means we all have a genius mind.  To find our geniuses are to discover our uniqueness.  We find our uniqueness by discovering our highest excitements in our value systems.  Cracking the genius code, we will be exploring our genius in each value system.

What I’m asking all of us to do is to find the genius in all of the value systems as an organizing principle with your creativity.  There are many geniuses in music, sports, theater, medical, and the list goes on.  However, a financial genius may lack skills in family dynamics or have completely ignored their health values and became ill.  We have seen many times brilliant musicians fall prey to alcohol and drug abuse.  This program helps the journeyer organize their value systems by looking at them from a genius perspective. 

The genius mind – in the journey is more than creating brilliance in a field or trade; however, it could be. The genius mind brings into balance all our values and all our desires into oneness.  The genius mind concept is the organizing principle to align ourselves to the highest possibilities in this life.  We are here on Earth for a short period.  Many people have forgotten the reasons why they are here.  Aligning ourselves with our genius mind brings in knowledge from the higher mind that is beyond space and time.  We move into a knowingness that sometimes we can’t explain.  For example, realizing you’re in a parallel reality where several events, from different perspectives, are happening at the same time.  Getting visions and feelings of previous times on Earth or knowing someone is watching you or thinking about you.  I know this information may be mind-blowing to some.  Our soul can do some amazing things.  Use the genius mind and create alignments with the subconscious mind and higher mind to assist in being in a body and to navigate here on Earth.  Use the ego-mind, and you’ll have no such alignment. 

The ego-mind – You might ask, how did the ego-mind come into existence?  I happen to think the ego-mind has been around a long time in three-dimensional reality.  My best guess would be hundreds of thousands of years ago in this solar system.  The ego-mind could be viewed as symbolic of Lucifer, the fallen angel.  He would be in his ego-mind to believe he fell from the grace of God.  The thought of falling from the grace of God would be an illusion because God is everywhere (Omnipresent), so there’s no place to fall except to believe in illusions of falling or failing.  It is within this illusion that all ego-minds reside. 

Believing in duality that creates a lot of the problems!

Defining your emotions of the genius mind and the ego mind

This exercise is all about your emotions.  This exercise helps you recognize when you’re using your genius mind or ego mind in any given situation.  For example, if you’re arguing with a friend or family member, and you’re in the emotion of anger that is the ego mind.  Another example would be if you’re putting yourself down and calling yourself names like, I’m an idiot, and you’re using frustration as an emotion that is the ego mind. 

Being happy to be alive would be part of the genius mindset.  Having reasons to be joyful, excited, and at peace would be considered genius emotions in the journey.  Remember emotions are the end-result of the experience.  It is with the genius mind’s emotions you want to build your future, while removing all ego mind emotions of the past.  This process will continue to assist you in transforming negative ego emotions into positive genius emotions.

This easy exercise will help you determine when you’re in your genius mind or the ego mind. Understanding this exercise will help in making clearer decisions more in alignment with your highest possibilities.

On this journey we have to learn how to use our minds and one of the ways to do that effectively is through knowing how to use your emotions. 


Use emotional words to describe the duality of the genius mind and the ego mind.

On the left side of the column write down what you feel are the emotional attribute of the genius mind. On the right side of the column write down what you feel are the emotional attribute of the ego mind.

The genius mind has no recognition of the ego mind emotions. Because the genius mind is in complete opposition to the ego mind, the genius mind is where the energy of love, peace, and happiness resides.

The ego mind of emotions seeks to do us harm, someone else harm, or to do damage in the physical world and our physical body. The examples would be anger; hatred; fear.

“But the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance; against such there is no law.”  Galatians 5:22-23.

The Emotions of the Genius Mind and the Ego Mind

The Genius MindThe Ego Mind

Keith Thompson

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