A Value in Time

· Time and the Physical Values

· Time and the Mental Values

· The Genius Mind and the Value of the Past

· The Ego Mind and the Value of the Past

· The Value of the Present Moment

A Journey into Value Systems focuses on the value of time. In The Journey, time is considered a third-dimensional measurement system tracked by calendars, clocks, and distances.

We transcend time all the time. We can view our past, be in the present moment, and view our future to make decisions. We do this all the time. What I’m suggesting is to use past, present, and future projections in a genius way. That means we become aware of our emotions and feelings in understanding time and what we want to experience.

Time and the Physical Values

Do you work or go to school? How do you spend your days? How do you feel about what you are doing throughout the day? These are great questions because your feelings and emotions will be tied to the events you are experiencing throughout your days.

If you go to school or work, you spend about eight to ten hours a day during the week doing these routines. Your feelings will tell you if this is what your spirit enjoys doing. We fill our days with many activities. The question to ask is: Am I living my highest excitement?

Many of us spend too much of our lives doing the things we, as spirits, do not enjoy doing, especially with our jobs.

Time and the Mental Values

Memories of the past are with emotions. Some memories are close to our hearts and governed by the genius mind. Having a good time with our children and loved ones are great memories of the past because they bring on emotions like joy, happiness, and love. It’s easy to make plans because of pleasant memories. Even though the event happened in the past, it’s a present-moment memory brought on by the subconscious mind and could lead to other future events of excitement.

Memories controlled by the ego’s mind promote an entirely different effect. The emotions put on by the ego mind, like hatred, anger, and fear, can create nightmares in the present moment and fear of the future.

Nightmares and fears are illusions because the person has lost his/her relationship with Omnipresent. Omnipresent and fantasy illusions will never match because one represents love, and the illusions created by conditions separate from love and sometimes hatred can lead to wars. Nevertheless, we are creators and can manifest what we entertain strongest in our minds. However, we have the power to create nightmares with our ego mind. From this perspective, anyone can quickly see if their genius or ego mind is occupying space and time!

The genius mind and the value of the past

In viewing our past, we can find our latent talents. Our geniuses have always been with us. Our geniuses always come out to play even when we’re unaware of it. We can review our past to see where those genius sparks occurred.

A great way to begin is to look at your childhood. What did you do that your friends and family liked? The key triggers of awareness are emotions. What did you love to do when you were about seven years old? As a teenager? What was your highest excitement as a child?

The ego mind and the value of the past

The ego mind’s whole purpose is to keep us in past negative emotions and to fear the future. This is very important to understand!

Through the emotions, one can see if the genius mind or the ego mind is involved. Feelings like guilt, anger, hatred, and false self-judgments are all ego-minded and will not have a good outcome.

All emotions are charged with energy to create. Emotions’ job is to produce more power like themselves; therefore, the physical results will represent that emotion.

The value of the present moment

Choose a genius mind, be aware of the present moment, and create actions that inspire excitement.

Choose an ego mind, be lost in illusions, and be afraid to do anything in the present moment or hate what you do.


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