The Value of Time

The value of time. There’s no truth in time. That which is, that what will be is that which is present!

This concept of time has always been a mystery to me. We know about our past, we know what we are currently experiencing, and the so-called future is the mystery. In 1980, I learned the no truth in time concept. I have been pondering this concept for forty years. I decided to include The Value of Time into A Journey into Value Systems workbook. The Value of Time is part of Cracking the Genius Code!

Our emotions play a crucial role in how we use our time. Many times emotion is known for energy in motion. The energy in motion equates back to how we use our time. Many people live in the past because they are using the emotions of their past experiences. Have you wondered why you keep running into the same types of people and experiencing the same kinds of situations? It is because the emotions of the past are creating your future conditions. Emotions of the past are the trap that many people fail to see. Experiencing past emotions over and over again is a vicious circle. It is also known as the illusion.

How do we get out of these vicious and delusional blocks of time? We learn how to be the observer. The observer puts us in the center of all emotions and experiences. It is the observer where we can see our past, present, and future possibilities. 

When we learn to live each moment by our highest excitements, we begin to dissolve time.  We will wonder where the time went because we are in our excitement.  We can use time like a measuring tape or a ruler without the entrapment of past or undesirable emotions and experiences. 

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