“I Can’t breathe!”

I can’t breathe; it not only deals with the breath of life.   “I can’t breathe” deals with the ability to create and be abundant.  We are getting hit with more world events.  Floyd is another world event!  Floyd not only sparked the nation, but his death has also sparked the world.  Floyd gave his life and brought the truth to our planet during a time when we (collectively) are sick with a virus.  We see some of the sicknesses of this virus in how we treat other human beings. 

The reason why I’m putting “I can’t breathe” in this manner is that world issues are coming to light about who we are as Human Beings! 

Racism has been an ego-mind program for about four hundred years in our country.  Racism has transferred and been part of malicious programs thru sixteen family and social generations.    Racism affects every value system.  It is time to heal and remove this program.  I know they’re naysayers out there. 

We start by believing it is possible!  And then, individually, start the healing process.

This malicious program has some ego-mind emotions that control the human being:  fear, hatred, anger,  madness.  The energy to look out for are judgments with negative feelings. 


Go thru all eight value systems.  Review each value system and ask, “how has racism affected me in my career and personal development?  Use this as an example.  Take note of every feeling, emotion, and situation that pops up from your question.  Do this with every value system. 

Value Systems: Career/personal development, emotional events, family program, financial, health effects, physical events, social encounters, spiritual beliefs

When events pop up from the subconscious mind, ask yourself if you are ready to heal that event.

For example, career/personal development:  Your manager denied you a new job position.  Your feelings and emotions are of anger because you felt it was because of the color of your skin.   The question to ask: “Am I ready to heal this event?”  If the answer is yes, it is time to define the emotion and event you would like to experience.  If the answer is no, no healing will take place. 

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Candace Alman 🎶 What the world needs now is LOVE sweet LOVE …🎵 for healing!!


A Journey into Value Systems – Cracking the Genius Code https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FfHAs9cdTqg

Dionne Warwick

Ellen Pautler “Icant breathe!” is a journey into the heart and soul of every person of color. Collectively the whole world has been exposed to the suffering and repression of people of color.The value systems offers a new path to healing and the expression of universal love.

Anita Bozic Floyd gave his life for what?


A Journey into Value Systems – Cracking the Genius Code Anita, at this time, you are the one and only ‘ha ha’ emotion in this feed. Why that emotion? Help the audience understand where the humor is in the article or the event.


A Journey into Value Systems – Cracking the Genius Code “Floyd gave his life for what?” – “Daddy changed the world!”  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5Kj_ZqufQM

Nimfa Despabiladeras His life was taken let there be justice!


A Journey into Value Systems – Cracking the Genius Code Nimfa Despabiladeras thank you for your statement! The tide is changing! All fifty states are protesting against racism and white police killings of, specifically, black men and women. When Marianne Williamson ran for President, one of the favorite things I liked about her speeches was “people standing up to make the change.” We have people standing up, millions of us to change racism. A rainbow of people too! A beautiful thing to see! You want justice to be served? Vote racist President, Senators, House of Representatives, and other high officials out of office this coming election. You want justice to be served? Continue to build strength within yourself. Make plans for your life and be the best you can be. Know who you are by knowing your values and stand up for your value systems. Raise above all the negative talk of what racist people say people of color are.  “You have greatness in you!” –  Les Brown.  Permit yourself to discover and bring out the greatness in you.  These are some methods on how we serve justice to racism.


A Journey into Value Systems – Cracking the Genius Code I am pleased to see the passion! I share your emotions. I have moved through anger, hatred towards that individual who killed Mr. Floyd, sadness, and back to love. Become aware of your feelings because it is your emotions that determine if you rise above this malicious program (racism) or stay stuck in the viciousness. Emotions are magnets: Anger emotions attract an angry environment. Hatred attracts more hate in the background. We weaken the malicious program by removing the feeling of fear. The energy of love is tremendous energy to put in its place. That means we love who we are as individuals, and then we come together with this energy as a united force. Be good to yourself love who you are. WE ARE GREATER THAN WE THINK WE ARE!

Marie-Madeleine Mahe A Journey into Value Systems – Cracking the Genius Code yes we are greater than we think we are.

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A Journey into Value Systems – Cracking the Genius Code Hi Willie Powell. What does it mean to vote Blue America? What does it look like to have a safe America?

Vaughn Weeks Who can breath with so many rich baby’s n so many poor baby’s 1 child policy is due for Africa n middle east tax rich good luck.

Marsha Benton


A Journey into Value Systems – Cracking the Genius Code Thank you!

Jacqueline Pettis Amen


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  1. I have gone through Keith Thompson’s “A Journey Into The Value Systems.” It has had a profound and positive effect on my life. I encourage you all to buy the book and go through it and watch your life change for the better.
    Love, tolerance and peace, Harriette

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