A Journey into Value Systems – Navigating through Emotional and Physical Value Systems

An Observation on how to change life patterns

 The vicious circle
 The power of emotions
 The feedback from physical realities

“We cannot create a new future by holding on to the emotions of the past.” – Joe Dispenza

The vicious circle

Have you ever been stuck where the same unwanted life pattern repeats itself over and over again? Or hated a family member for decades because of something he or she did? Or been in a financial rut that you can’t seem to get rid-of? Or do you have a nagging illness you know can be solved? These conditions are called the vicious circle.

The vicious circle is a life cycle that repeats itself over and over again. The peoples’ names may change, but the end-results and the emotions remain the same. Here-in this paragraph lies the key to removing all vicious circles and, it is the emotions.

Those of you studying A Journey into Value Systems – Cracking the Genius Code knows all the eight major value systems are valuable. However, the emotional value system is a tricky one because the emotions are one of the pillars of the subconscious mind and create chemicals in the brain called neuropeptides.

“Neuropeptides are small protein-like molecules (peptides) used by neurons to communicate with each other. They are neuronal signaling molecules that influence the activity of the brain and the body in specific ways. “ – Wikipedia

According to Dr. Joe Dispenza, emotions are the end-result of an event. I will add, emotions are energies in motion (E-motion). So we have energy-producing molecules that influence the activity of the brain and body in specific ways. By the way, emotions influence our physical reality and seek similar experiences over and over again! The emotions are the interpretation of the end-result to recreate similar experiences.

It is important to know what your genius emotions are because it will get you out of vicious circles. – Keith Thompson

Emotions are part of the creative process. Typically, the creative process goes from thoughts to feelings, to emotions, then beliefs, and the imagination. When creating a new goal, it surprising how many people will leave out the emotions in developing these new desires, in this case, the
genius emotions. What happens is they keep the old ego emotions that developed the unwanted condition in the first place. You must create new emotions that are in opposition to the old emotions! For some people, it takes ten, twenty years or even a lifetime to remove a vicious circle because of not knowing the principles. It doesn’t have to take that long.

With understanding, there is no karma – Keith Thompson

Of course, the length of time will vary. It depends on the person. If the vicious circle is generational, and family members are involved, it may take more mental work to remove those vicious cycles. It may surprise you how many people are relieved once a family member has passed away, and they can go about living their lives the way they want.

The vicious circles we created ourselves can be easier to remove.

All vicious circles are the creation of the ego-mind. It will take genius mind intervention to get out of any vicious cycle.

There are two critical times to use your genius emotions to aide in removing vicious circles:

There are two critical times to use your genius emotions to aide in removing vicious circles:
 During the creative process in developing new desires in meditation and during deep thought processing
 When the old pattern of the vicious circle pops up in your physical reality

Becoming aware of your emotions

Because emotions are the way we express ourselves, it becomes important to know what we are expressing. Part of this knowledge is to define how you want to live your life through the emotions. The emotional value system becomes an important part of how you want to experience your other value systems.

Using the financial value system as an example: The vicious circle is not keeping up with the cost of living. The emotions are fear, anger, and frustration when a bill comes in the mail. Your feelings are stuck in believing this is your lot in life.

Here’s another example using the family value systems: The vicious circle is attracting men who are physically and mentally abusive. The emotions are rage, anger, hatred, guilt, fear, and frustration. The feelings are I don’t trust men.

This article is not about getting into the psychology of the two examples. However, in the two examples, there are several things I pointed out.
 Identified the vicious circle
 Identified the value system in which the vicious circle falls under
 Identified the ego-mind emotions you are experiencing
 Identified the feelings that led to the beliefs

Vicious circles can be extremely challenging to remove. If you have a challenging vicious cycle, get help to assist you in working through the process. Judgments of self and others are what lock the vicious circle in place. You must remove all judgments to experience freedom from the
vicious cycle.

The creative process

Now that we have identified the vicious circle, we can begin removing the viciousness out of our emotional value system and change our belief systems to a new desire. Both the emotions and the belief systems deal with the subconscious mind. We must change the neuropeptides to healthy chemicals releasing into the body to start feeling better about who we are.

Dr. Joe Dispenza discusses how there’s a neuropeptide for each emotion displayed. We want to change all the neuropeptides to good feeling neuropeptides. That means stop giving attention to the ego-mind emotions. The best place to start making changes is defining your genius emotional value system to bring about the good feeling emotions into your mind and body.

Sometimes it’s a good idea to tune into your feelings first to make changes in your life. In other words, what is it that makes you happy, identify those desires in the value systems creating the viciousness, and take action to remove them. My book A Journey into Value Systems – Cracking the Genius Code, will help you through this process in more detail.

The feedback from our physical reality

Part of cracking your genius code is transforming vicious circles into the genius lifestyles you desire. Part of the transformation is remembering we are greater than our physical reality. We are greater than our physical being. Many of us have forgotten we are more than a body full of wild and crazy emotions that are creating wild and crazy experiences.

We are Light! We are part of an energy field that is full of Light. One of the pitfalls in coming to our planet Earth is we risk the chance of forgetting our true nature, Light. Our physical body is the vehicle for us to use, and our emotions are the energy for us to experience three-dimensional reality. It’s impossible to turn this light off because it is who we are. However, we
can mask it with ego emotions and false belief systems. Many of us have seen pictures of human-beings filled with light! It’s time to remember.

“You are greater than you think you are!” – Mark Hughes

I want to share an exercise with you. Perform this exercise in a meditative position or lying down in a comfortable position. Close your eyes and breathe in deeply until you are feeling a calmness within your mind and body. Calmly say, “I am Light,” and begin to feel your light arise. Focus on your heart to feel the love energy arise. Focus on your solar plexus to bring in the Sun energy. Feel the Sun energy within your mind and body. With each breath, bring the Earth’s light energy into the body. With each exhale, send your light to each person involved in the vicious circle. Focus on your genius emotions and bring them into the light.

I am Light! So be it!

I can spend an hour in this exercise. Play in your light, and have fun.

There’s no one way to do this exercise. So explore in your genius. I do recommend spending time incorporating your genius emotions in your light to enhance your physical experiences.

You now have some tools to work with addressing vicious circles. The next time your vicious circle appears in your physical reality tune into your emotions and make the announcement, I am Light. Tuning into your emotions at that time will let you know where you are at in the process.

Much success to you in your journey,

Keith Thompson

A Journey into Value Systems – Cracking the Genius Code workbook will be released soon. We are in the final stages before release. It’s looking like February – March 2020 time frame.

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