Emotional/Mental Value System

Emotional and mental value systems

The emotional value systems ask the question, “How do I feel about and react to everything in my world?”

 “The conscious mind becomes the responsible ruler and guardian of the subconscious mind.  It is this high function which can completely reverse conditions in your life” – Charles Haanel – The Master Key System

The ruler

Emotional values are good places to talk about the child in the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is subservient to the conscious mind. Also, the subconscious mind is the child not because it lacks anything but because it is subjective.  The child follows the direction of the conscious mind (ruler and guardian) or others, like parents, who might be in control of the individual.  Once we move out of childhood, the ruler (conscience) can select to use the genius mind or ego mind during any situation.

If you’re an adult still controlled by your parents, I recommend investigating what’s going on.  The child (subconscious) doesn’t question the information coming in, if not screened by the guardian at the gate.  The child will accept everything to be true whether it is true or not. Many times, we have thoughts and emotions that are not ours. These thoughts and emotions were picked up or handed down from parents or someone else’s belief systems. A good example of this would involve race.  Our different belief systems about our different races in the world have been handed down for many generations.  Many race beliefs range from hate to love emotions depending on personal perspective and where they live.

There could be thousands of true and false information running in your subconscious mind right now. Many of these programs are downloads from watching television.  Have you ever seen a commercial regularly ran within minutes?  Those commercials are subconscious programming.  We get information from our parents with positive (genius) and negative (ego) viewpoints, from friends, and other family members we have a relationship.  We agreed with many of the cultural thinking and emotional content because of the young age we received them. Many of these old thought processes and emotional content have direct relationships with our emotional and mental health.  If there are serious health problems, it is extremely important to review what the associated emotions are.  From this perspective, it may be the emotions that are causing health problems.  Discover the people tied to the emotions, all of the mental programming, negative thoughts, and belief systems that may be affecting the illness.

In Louise Hay’s book “Heal Your Body,” she gives many examples of body illnesses related to certain mental behaviors and beliefs.  For example, “Cancer: Deep hurt.  Longstanding resentment.  Deep secret or grief is eating away at the self.  Carrying hatreds.”  A deep hurt can impact your mental attitude.  Emotions associated with deep hurt has to transformed back into genius emotions.  Use the “Balancing Chart for Negative Emotions” on page 999 to help in the transformation process.

The ruler (conscience) is the one that adds fuel (energy) to the emotions playing out by giving them attention. When attention stops, emotions go down. It is up to the individual to use the genius mind to determine the qualities of your emotions. Emotions out of control will produce the same in its environment. An angry person can be consumed by emotions, with unpredictable results in his or her environment. Emotions are a powerful level of our subconscious mind and value systems. The ruler must be under control and not abuse the power of the child.

Being aware of feelings are powerful awakenings to whom and what we choose to be. To be angry will now be a choice. Choosing love will now be a choice, instead of just flying off the handle and having no control over the emotions. We can now take charge of our emotions and display it in a way it’s environmentally friendly.  Remember emotions are the results of experiences.  If an alcoholic has a bad day: Displays angered emotion.  He goes out and gets drunk.  He drives his car and gets in an accident.  The accident kills two adults and one child.  The emotions of anger may have been the driving engine that leads to the accident.  Now, he’s left with the consequences from the environment.  We hear about these types of incidents all the time.

We have all the right tools within us. All we must do is learn how to use what we have correctly. To use our mental/emotional mind for excitement, for joy, love, and happiness is what will manifest in our environment.

The awareness of the child within:

“Subconscious mind creativity is more of a level of creativity of say 5-year old child.” – Bruce Lipton

Every moment of childhood to this very moment has been recorded and stored within the subconscious mind.  Within the subconscious mind, you can find the inner child and all its emotions.  The subconscious mind is the only place you can find the inner child operating.  It’s important to heal childhood emotions that are out of harmony with the genius mind.  When you ask the question, “How do I feel about and react to everything in my world,” the inner child may pop-up through a forgotten memory.

I had an experience when teaching this course, “A Journey into Value Systems.”  It happened when teaching the Parent’s value systems section of the program.  During a meditation session, I was in a deep level of meditation, and an image of a little boy popped up.  I was the three years old boy.  I asked the question, “Why are you showing me this?”  I’m speaking to my subconscious and higher mind.  Then a flood of emotions (subconscious) started to surface.  That little three-year-old boy was in total fear.  The sounds and emotions all came back.  His parents were fighting like a mad cat and an angered dog. I went to that little boy and gave him a big hug.  I showed him how our life turned out to this point, and he’s safe   Even as I write this story, I’m checking in with the little boy, and the emotions are peaceful and calm.

I had inner child work to do.  You can find childhood emotions in all your value systems.  Some of the emotions will be ego mind generated not to any fault of your own.  I realized my parents had emotional wounds too!  These old emotions will need to transform into genius emotions.  The big hitters for me were family, financial, emotional, and physical values.  Chances are the inner child is impacted by the ego emotions and operating in your life today.  If you’re a meditator and a prayer, your chances of reaching the inner child is excellent.  Be sure to ask the subconscious and higher mind good questions.  When there’s an image from your imagination, ask the question, “Why are you showing me this?”

There’s one more thing I would like to mention, the subconscious mind as the child.  Have you ever been told that your imagination isn’t real by a parent or a sibling?  If you have, remove that belief system!  The imagination is the child’s creative center.  The imagination comes from higher mind!  That is where the child creativity center is.  The creative center comes from what we see in our minds.

Genius mental attitude

Our emotions and mental attitudes are the driving engines of the things we manifest in life. As you now know, we have our genius (positive) emotions and ego (negative) emotions. The genius emotions of joy, happiness, and excitement will produce their equivalents in the environment. The ego emotions of hatred, meanness, and anger will produce their equivalents and may show up negatively in our environments.

The emotions are the filters we see and experience in life!  Don’t like what you’re experiencing change the emotions.  That statement is a bold comment to make.  One of the things I had to learn is the mental attitude of gratitude from my current life position.  Being in a state of gratitude has a humbling effect on my behavior.  For me, humbleness recognizes a higher present.  Realizing this higher present gives me the determination to accomplish things I desire.

Napoleon Hill in his book Think and Grow Rich became known for PMA (Positive Mental Attitude).  I’m going to introduce a new acronym GMA (Genius Mental Attitude).  A genius-attitude is an attitude that gives you positive internal power.  It’s an attitude that is practiced repeatedly until it’s engulfed into your being.  Having genius mental attitudes in each of your value systems becomes powerful emotions that creates a shield around your genius activities.  Be focused on your objectives. The focus is a mental attitude.  GMA builds a solid mental value around your value systems.

A genius mental attitude of mine is the warrior mental attitude.  I utilize the warrior mentality when practicing martial arts (physical and health values).  I’ve incorporated the warrior attitude in protecting my family, and sometimes my warrior attitude comes out in the social arena in standing my ground when challenged.  We can easily play the roles of mental attitudes.  I want to point out the genius mentality has nothing to do with being weak mentally.

Emotional/mental values

  1. What is my genius mental attitudes for each value systems?
  • Career / personal values: ______________________________________________
  • Emotional values:  ___________________________________________________
  • Family values: ______________________________________________________
  • Financial values: ____________________________________________________
  • Health values: ______________________________________________________
  • Physical values: _____________________________________________________
  • Social values: _______________________________________________________
  • Spiritual values: _____________________________________________________
  1. My mission statement for emotional value is: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  2. What are my “genius” emotions for each value systems?
  • Career / personal values: ______________________________________________
  • Emotional values:  ___________________________________________________
  • Family values: ______________________________________________________
  • Financial values: ____________________________________________________
  • Health values: ______________________________________________________
  • Physical values: ____________________________________________________
  • Social values: ______________________________________________________
  • Spiritual values: ____________________________________________________
  1. What is my inspiring plan of actions for emotional / mental values?
  • ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  • ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  • ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Keith Thompson

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