A Journey into Value Systems – Health Management

Hello Journeyers,

It has been my observation through my private practice, teaching courses, and through my own experiences, there’re direct connections with the emotions (emotional values) and the foods we choose to eat (health values).  The choices of the emotions and foods we are selecting are the results of how our body looks and feels (physical values).  Our emotions can dictate the love we have for our bodies or the hate we have for our bodies.  The love you have for your body will bring about a young and youthful body full of life and vitality.  The hate you have for your body can bring about an aging body and a tired looking body full of illnesses.

  • What are emotions and why is it so important to pay attention to them.
  • Body / Mind Connection – In this exercise, we will explore where the emotions are in connection to the body.
  • How to deal with basic fears – Fear is defined as false evidence appearing real or false emotions appearing real.  We will explore the process of creating illusions that is fear based.
  • How to balance the emotions – How to move from negative ego emotions to positive genius emotions.
  • Use this class to stay on your goals and objectives in dealing with your health.

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