A Journey into Value Systems – Cracking the Genius Code – The Workplace

A Journey into Value Systems – Cracking the Genius Code – The Workplace

The workplace is a great place to watch how people’s value systems are played out in the environment.  For most, the workplace is your physical value, financial value, social value, emotional value, and your environment for a third of your life.  Understanding how peoples’ beliefs and values intertwine in the workplace is of great value in navigating through your workday.  The workplace is where people join, with their value systems, emotions, and their belief systems.  The workplace is where all those elements are intertwining and mixing in with the current environment.  In understanding A Journey into Value Systems – Cracking the Genius Code you’ll have a clearer picture of how things are working in your workplace and how you’re involved in this process.

What are your company’s values and visions on career/personal development, emotional support, family, financial, health and well-being, appearances in the environment, socializing in the workplace, and spiritual visions and values?  How are your company’s value matching with your values?  Do you feel like the company you work for sharing the same values?

These are important questions to ask, rattle the cage, and see if you’re in harmony with your workplace and applying your geniuses.  Do you know what your belief systems are in Career/Personal Development?  Not knowing what your beliefs are in this area, could lead you down some undesirable conditions in your workplace.  The example would be a person working two jobs to attempt to make his or her’s financial means meet.  If you find yourself in this type of situation, ask yourself some probing questions.  Am I doing what I love to do in my workplace?  Do I believe I have to work hard for my money?  Do I have any beliefs dealing with lack of abundance?  If you have a “no” and two “yes” answers, there’s some mental work to do to change those outdated belief systems.

Keep in mind that you’ll have a transition period to move from outdated beliefs to creating new and inspiring belief systems.  The goal is to light a fire under your buns and move in that genius direction.  You may have to take classes, get certified in a specialized field, get a degree in your passion, start painting or playing music, whatever your geniuses are, start moving towards them.

If you’re a manager or a business owner, do you know what’s going on in your workplace?  Do your employees know your visions and values of the company?  How are your genius employees being treated?  Are your employees being recognized for their geniuses or minimized for their ego?  Are things in your work environment flowing in harmony or chaos with things out of control?

Understanding your workplace values is key to having a better workplace environment.  I am going to bring in another key, to crack the genius code in your business.

The value systems are; career/personal development, emotional/mental, family, financial/wealth, health, physical, social, spiritual. 

The following exercise is a snapshot of your value systems.

List the order of your company’s value systems with the first value listed being the highest value and the last value listed is the least value.  To start, use the eight value systems listed above.  Keep in mind; value systems do change and rotate positions.

1) ____________    2) _____________      3)  ____________    4)  ______________  5)  ____________        6)  ____________  7)  _____________  8)  ____________

Do the same exercise with taking a snapshot of the order of your personal value systems.

1) ____________    2) _____________      3)  ____________    4)  ______________  5)  ____________        6)  ____________  7)  _____________  8)  ____________

How are the company’s value systems and your personal value systems matching up?  This exercise is part of The Value of Time exercises in the workbook.  This exercise is to help you become fimiliar with value systems around the workplace and in your life.  Everyone has value systems and knowing how it interacts within the workplace is of a huge advantange.

Three important thoughts:

  • When we understand our value systems, we begin the organizing principle in our life including our workplace.
  • When we give up our power in the workplace, we minimize our values and lower our genius potential.
  • What are your feelings and emotions during socializing within the workplace? Your feelings and emotions are the barometers of your physical and mental health within the workplace.

Coach Keith

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