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Physical value systems

The physical value system asks the question, “What is it I choose to see and experience in my world?”

From the spirit world, we move into the physical world through birth and experience this world through our physical bodies, emotions, and senses.  We create belief systems through our experiences and what we choose to believe.  We respond through our five physical senses in our physical world: sight, touch, taste, smell, and sound. The conscious mind operates here through the five physical senses as the interpreter of what it wants to think, feel, the emotions it want to experience and believe.  All of the elements just mentioned turns into what we see in our physical world.

Physical values are the place to talk about the physical mind: conscious mind, subconscious mind.

The conscious mind is objective.  The objective mind can think what it wants, selects the emotions it wants, and believe what it wants.  One of the powers of the conscious mind is the ability to choose and experience the choices.  The conscious mind is responsible for using light or dark energies.  The genius mind represents light, and the ego mind represents dark.  The genius mind and the ego mind are the dualities often discussed.

The unaware person will not realize there’s a spirit experiencing the choices.  It’s their spirit but they’re asleep to it.  The unaware person forgot they’re from the spirit world experiencing physical reality.

Our geniuses have awakened when we realize we are spirits having physical experiences through our physical bodies.  The genius part of us knows we can create our reality and experience the gifts and wonders of the physical world.

When we make choices, we send signals to the subconscious mind to create thought processes, form feelings, create emotions and belief systems.  The subconscious mind is subservient to the conscious mind.  Because the subconscious mind is subjective, it follows every command of the conscious mind without question.  The subconscious mind doesn’t care whether or not the information coming in from the conscious mind or other sources are true or false.

All information and experiences from our physical world are recorded in our subconscious mind, the physical brain and body.

When we are using our genius mind, and with the awareness of our spirit, we bring in light with our choices, thinking, emotions, beliefs, and everything we experience.  We bring in light to our physical mind, brain, and body.  Understanding our geniuses and our light will manifest into our environment and raises the vibration of our world  Earth.

If a person is unaware of their spirit, much of the information will go unconscious in the physical mind, brain, and body.  The unaware person risks the possibility of the information and experiences becoming dark energy within the physical mind, body, and their environment. The dark energy from the ego mind is the reason for illnesses showing up in the physical body.

Here’s a technique that will assist you on your journey in the physical world:

Become the dreamer in the physical world when you’re awake.  Some reasons why we sleep is to rest the body and to make a direct connection to dreamland and our spirit.  The technique is to reverse the process and move into dreamland and spirit while awake in the physical world.  The dream exercise is fun and curious.  Simply see yourself dreaming at any given time throughout the day.  Ask curious questions about events you see or people you see.  Ask questions like, “Who are you?” or “What is this event about?”

If you’ve made your desire lists in A Journey into Value System – Cracking the Genius Code, practice bringing in your desires into the physical world real time through the dreamlike state.  Know that your spirit is involved in these events and can influence them at any time.  Have fun with this technique be curious, ask lots of questions, and be creative.

Coach Keith


Update:  I’m working on the editing portion of the workbook (A Journey into Value Systems – Cracking the Genius Code) with Balboa Press/Hay House.

Even though the workbook isn’t released, I am selling the pre-released version.  The pre-released version of the workbook includes A Journey into Value Systems – Cracking the Genius Code basic classes when offered or two ½ hour private coaching calls to get you started.

Everyone who has purchased the pre-released version of the workbook will receive the paperwork of the final editing.

I want to share with you a write up of what the editor said about the workbook.

“A Journey into Value Systems is an expansive guide and workbook to help readers explore all aspects of our lives and make profound changes in how we live.  The book effectively uses teaching elements such as stories and exercises to impart information and help readers participate in the process.  Your friendly, authoritative writing style engages and encourages readers.”

Here’s the link to get your workbook



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