A Journey into Value Systems – Cracking the Genius Code – The Value of Time

  • The value of the past
  • The value of present moment
  • The value of the future

A Journey into Value Systems – Cracking the Genius Code focuses on the value of time.  In the Journey time is considered a third-dimensional measurement system tracked by calendars and clocks.

We transcend time all the time.  Smiles!  We have the ability to view our past, be in the present moment, and view our future to make future decisions.  We do this all the time.  What I’m suggesting is to use past, present, and future in a genius way.

The values of the past are memories with emotions.  Many of the memories are close to our heart and governed by the genius mind.  Memories that are controlled by the ego mind, promotes nightmare present moments and fear of the future.  The present moment nightmares are illusions because it is not our natural state of being.  However, we have the power to create nightmares with our ego mind.  From this perspective, anyone can quickly see if their genius mind or the ego mind is occupying space and time!

Review: Ego Mind vs Genius Mind

The ego mind and the value of the past

The ego mind whole purpose is to keep us in past negative emotions and to fear the future.  This is very important to understand about the ego mind!

It is through the emotions that one can see if the genius mind or the ego mind is involved.  The emotions like guilt, anger, hatred, and false self-judgments are all ego mind emotions.

All emotions are charged with energy to create.  It is the job of the emotions to create more energy like itself.

The genius mind and the value of the past

In viewing our past we can find our latent talents.  Our geniuses have always been with us.  Our geniuses always come out to play even when we’re not consciously aware of it.  We can review our past to see where those genius sparks occurred.

The key triggers of awareness are in the emotions: love, peace, joy, happiness, living your life by your highest excitements.  These types of emotions are the gateway to genius.

The value of present moment

Choose genius mind and be aware of present moment and creation of excitements.

Choose ego mind and be lost in illusions and negative emotions.

The genius mind and the value of the future

Geniusly choose your life and do the mental work to create a wonderful world.  Understand what your value systems are: career/personal development; emotional; family; financial; health; physical; social; spiritual.  This means seeing your future in a positive and loving way.  Create a “believing is seeing” world and focus on bringing in your love and passion to present moment.

This will take work to change if you haven’t taken charge of your life before.  Most people are just responding by what they see in their physical world.  Many people are in pain by what they see.  Seeing is believing!

“Believing is seeing” projects to the future by believing first.  The Believer is one of the key elements in the Journey into Value Systems – Cracking the Genius Code.  It takes mental work to believe first and then create the experience in present moment by taking action towards your belief.  .

The ego mind and the value of the future!

Reread “The ego mind and the value of the past.”



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