A Journey into Value Systems – Space the Final Frontier

I’m not certain space is the final frontier, but they sure announced it a lot on Star Trek.  However, it would appear that outer space is our next frontier.  Human beings will be visiting other planets, star systems, and other galaxies outside of the Milky Way.  I believe we are much closer to this event than we realize as a collective race.

One of the cool things about being on A Journey into Value Systems is that we can set up affirmations to become aware of any events that can greatly influence our lives.  For example:  “I will be alerted to any earthly or cosmic events before it happens that may impact my life!”  “I will be guided to be in complete harmony with the laws of the Universe!”  Of course, one can tailor the affirmations to their desired religious belief.

Here’s my point!  When these affirmations are set in place, certain events will pop out at you or synchronicities will start taking place in your physical world.

On January 7, 2017 through February 6, 2017 all the planets are moving in direct mode.  As you can see this is about a 28 day event.  For some reason this event sparked my curiosity.  Prior to me finding out about this event, I had been listening to the sounds of the planets.  NASA has put out audios of the sounds of the planets.  It’s quite interesting to listen to.  I’ve been studying more about sacred geometry and how it applies to my life   Also, I’ve been studying ancient Greek, Rome, and Egyptian mythologies on planets.

Note: I’m sure everyone has heard about Mercury Retrograde.  Right!  There are usually one or more planets in retrograde at any given time.  My expertise is not in astrology.  However, I am aware of a few things about this topic.  So, I would like to politely ask, if you want to know more about this topic research it out.

I asked what method I should use to best take advantage of this event.  The answer I got back was meditation.  So, I went into meditation.  I used my breathing techniques.  I activated my chakras especially in the solar plexus.  I made sure the energy was flowing from base to crown and outward.  I then surrounded myself (body/astral/soul) with sacred geometry and my third eye opened.  Wow!

Now, I’ve seen many pictures of our planetary system.  But what was interesting was the energy I was feeling as I traveled through each of the planets.  I drew in the connection.  Even as I’m writing this I’m feeling the connection.

I wish humanity would understand we really are One!  OMG!  We have been disconnected for so long.  We just have to wake up!  We have to!  For those that have heard me say the message from Mark Hughes, “You are greater than you think you are!”  It is so true; we are greater than what we have been told!

I am still processing all of the experiences.  I did visit Alcyone and went to the Galactic Center.  It sounds so weird me even saying this.  Did you see the movie Contact with Jodie Foster?  It’s almost like how she felt when she came back from her Galactic experience.

I want to share some other information with you.  I want to talk about Saturn and Pluto for a moment.


This is a picture from NASA.  This is a picture of Saturn’s northern hemisphere. If you will notice the hexagon at the top of the hemisphere, what in the world is a geometric figure doing at the top of this planet?  This is a perfect hexagon!  More on this later in Level 2 but the Universe is made up of sacred geometry.




SaturnHere’s another beautiful picture of Saturn.  The rings of Saturn have a very interesting sound attached to it.  Some schools of thought suggest that Saturn broadcast information throughout the solar system and it is picked up by our subconscioius mind..  Here’s the link to hear the sounds.  https://youtu.be/38pJhxCzR-I

plutoThis is a NASA picture of Pluto.  This is our last planet in our solar system some 3 billion miles away.  NASA spacecraft New Horizon took this picture as it was flying past.  This planet has a heart on it.  The last planet in our solar system has a heart on it?






A Change is Needed:

As a collective group we have to change our paradigm.  What does this mean?  I will explain shortly.  If you haven’t noticed our planet Earth and humanity are going through major changes.  Everything is being brought to Light.

Please avoid getting too caught up in our current political system and the media.  The media system is designed to trigger our ego mind by using fear of the future, anger of the past, hatred of people, and the emotions of killing.  For many, this will mean unplugging the tell-a-vision set and establish a controlled method of what is being put into our minds.

With our new President, out of his brilliance and his ignorance we will learn a lot about the top one percent in our financial and political world.  I recommend just be the observer when you are tuning in to the political events of our nation.  If you find yourself being emotional about something being said, step back and be the observer and witness what is going on inside your mind and what you’re hearing.

The paradigm shift:

I know a lot of Light workers out there.  However, many of the Light workers are stuck in their old childhood wounds.  I have worked with many of them.  I have been there too!  If you are a Light worker and you have a childhood wound, go and get that inner child.  Give that child a big hug and show that child you (we) are turning out great.  Show that child greatness is ahead.  Our inner child is playful and joyful.

Incorporate your genius mind and have a relationship with your higher mind.  I bet many of you were thinking Jesus or God.  There’s one level of mind that is very seldom talked about and that is our Higher Mind.  Our higher mind is hard wired into All That Is!  Our higher mind knows our soul and knows what our geniuses are.  In order to communicate with our higher mind at a high vibration you must go within self to reach those higher frequencies.  Meditation is a great tool for this.  Our higher mind is beyond time and space.  This is where our love frequency is.  When we are responding through love our higher mind is involved.

Incorporate your tools to help assist you to higher learning and awakening.  Now is a great time to bring in your sacred geometry.  Don’t know what they are?  Google is a great place to start:  Type in “sacred geometry.”  See what attracts you.  I have special paintings, crystals, and artifacts I brought into my bedroom for assistance.  I also wear a clear quartz crystal with a moon stone.  Remember everything in existence has a vibration attached to it.

Get to know your solar system.  I’m not necessarily promoting astrology.  I am suggesting tuning into the planets and develop a connection.  This can be done easily during sleep time.  Many are already doing this and don’t know it.  All the planets were in a specific location when we were born.  They will be in a specific location when we leave planet Earth.  Take advantage of this strong energy coming in with all the planets being direct.  I happen to think it’s a great time to explore our next frontier and move into higher dimensions.

Coach Keith

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