A Journey into Value Systems – An Insight into Fears

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An Insight into Fears – False Evidence Appearing Real

One of the biggest events on A Journey into Value Systems is discovering belief systems I was unaware of in my value systems. 

Our beliefs guide us, with its thought processes and emotions running our lives.  When something isn’t operating to the highest values in my physical world, I immediately ask, “What belief systems are causing this event in my physical reality?” It is asking this question that begins the process of discovering false evidence appearing real.  Fears are the emotions of false evidence appearing real.  Emotions are an important message to understand in this sentence.  Become aware of all your fears in an orderly manner.  Ask the genius mind; how would our spirit solve this situation. 

Notice I did not use the word “problem.”  Many people will say, “I have a problem,” and that’s the problem.  The focus is on the problem or the condition.  The ego-mind causes the problems, and the ego-mind wants you to focus on the problem.  If we announce, “I have a problem!”  That is what we will have a problem with no solution.  This part of the ego-mind is important to understand.  This process just explained is key to removing the emotions of fears 

The emotions have charged energies.  Fear emotions have to discharge.  Fears are tricky because this emotion will hide under other emotions.  Most stress emotions will have underlying fears attached.  Fears govern the ego-mind and ego emotions and the associated thought processes.  It is if, though, fear and the ego-mind are soulmates.  False evidence appearing real is an amazing discovery.  Each time we discover false evidence appearing real, we immediately change the course of our life.

During this discovery process, the greater the ego’s emotion, the greater the fear!  The thought processes of the ego-mind energize the emotions of fear.  The ego’s emotions are anger, rage, any form of hatred, blaming others, abandonment, any form of madness, fear of the future, the guilt of the past, and false judgments of self and others.  Anytime these emotions are in our reality, it is in that emotion, we will find false evidence appearing real. 

Emotion is energy (energy motion).  The emotions are fueled by the intensity of our thinking towards that emotion. We can control the volume of positive and negative emotions we are feeling and experiencing.  If we are experiencing joy, we can following the joy to completion. If we are experiencing fears with other negative emotions, we can stop it directly by saying, “Stop” to your subconscious mind. 

Constructive emotions are the alignment with the genius mind, and the destructive emotions are the alignment with the ego-mind.  The ego-mind has an insane belief system that states: destructive emotions and actions are the paths to keeping us safe.  This insane belief system hits the core of false evidence appearing real.  We see this playing out in our world wars today.  Our emotions are powerful, do not take lightly.

As long as we have, and entertain negative emotions that are attached to past events, how could we possibly live in the present moment?  Punishing ourselves because of past behaviors through false judgments will most certainly create fears for the future.  Entertaining negative emotions and negative events of the past is what creates negative future events. That is called the vicious circle. The ego-mind operates in this principle. And, the ego-mind is incapable of offering any solution to this madness!

To break a vicious cycle is a challenging event.  False evidence appearing real always has multiple layers attached to it.  What I mean by this is, there are multiple belief systems attached to fears.  Some of the belief systems could extend from three generations of false evidence appearing real.  Understanding our family value system plays a big role in discovering what those beliefs are.

Do you want to stop the dialog and creation of false evidence appearing real?  A great place to start is to stop watching television (tell-a-vision) and playing violent video games! 

At the very least, reduce this form of entertainment by ninety percent.  Why in the world would I request such a thing?  It is because television and violent video games are a distraction from using your genius mind!  But, it should be very clear that the majority of television programming is fear-based emotionally and false evidence appearing real.  Look at it with this type of lens and tell me what you think.  Most of the tell-a-vision programming is entertainment for the ego-mind especially news and commercials.

It will take the genius mind to move out of emotional fears and false evidence appearing real.  Why?  Because it was the ego-mind that created it!

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