Transforming Unwanted Conditions

A Journey into Value Systems recognizes all unwanted conditions in our lives are generated by the ego mind.  The ego part of our mind is extremely clever by keeping anything harmful to the body and daily life a secret from consciousness such as; finances, illnesses, and bad relationships.  This is why unwanted conditions occur in our world because of unconscious thinking, emotions, and belief systems not in an alignment with our highest good.

To start the transformation processes, awareness needs to occur in how we think, feel, and what we believe is true about our life.  What this means is, we have to now turn on our genius switch and begin the process of looking at life from a genius perspective.

Using the workbook A Journey into Value Systems gives a unique approach in discovering what your values are in 8 major categories: career/personal development; emotional/mental; family; financial; health/wealth; physical; social; and spiritual.  By understanding your value systems give the opportunities to organize your life according to what is valued most.  This is where turning on your genius mind becomes a game changer in your life.  The process to turn on the genius mind is quite simple and easy to do.  However, it will mean being responsible for what is thought, felt, and believed in your life.

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