A Journey into Value Systems – The Eight Elements

Every 1st Wednesday of the month we will explore various aspect of A Journey into Value Systems workbook and other key points to your journey.  Be sure to check back often we will keep past shows posted here..

A Journey into Value Systems – 8 Key Elements to the Journey – Part 1

There are 8 important elements while on your journey and doing your value systems.  The 8 important elements are:

  1. The genius mind
  2. The ego mind
  3. The Value Systems
  4. The Thinker
  5. The Feeler
  6. The Observer
  7. The Believer
  8. Living by your highest excitements

In part 1 of this 2 part series Keith will discuss the principles behind the genius mind, the ego mind, the value systems, the thinker, and the feeler in how it applies to A Journey into Value Systems.


A Journey into Value Systems – 8 Key Elements to the Journey – Part 2

In part 2 of this 2 part series Keith will give an overview of part 1 and have an in-depth discussion on The Observer, The Believer, and Living by your Highest Excitements.



A Journey into Value Systems – Advance Meditation

In this session Keith will take you out into the Solar System and into the Pleiadian section of our Galaxy.  How does this play into mediation?  You’ll have to listen in and see.

Advance Meditation White Paper


A Journey into Value Systems – The 5 D’s

The 5 D’s are important tools to use while traveling on your journey into value systems.

The 5 D’s are:

  1. Desire – When a person desires something, their sense of longing is excited by the enjoyment or the thought of the item, and they want to take actions to obtain their goal.
  2. Determination – a quality that makes you continue to do or achieve something that is difficult.
  3. Discipline – a way of behaving that shows a willingness to obey rules or orders
  4. Dedication – a feeling of very strong support for or loyalty to something: the quality or state of being dedicated to a person, group, cause, etc.
  5. Detachment – the act or process of separating something from a larger thing

Affirmation:  I am disciplined to create the things I desire in lifeI have the determination to complete all the things I love to with excitement and dedication.  I have the discipline to detach myself from any undesirable conditions I may have created.

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