A Journey into Value Systems – Mastermind Group

Our mastermind groups are unique and powerful program.  This is where like minded people meet who have studied A Journey into Value Systems.  We join together and share our experiences on the journey and seek input and a lending ear from other genius thinkers.  We have report outs to the group on what we are accomplishing in our eight value systems.  We also address our challenges to gain insight on our path.  .

There are additional worksheets and workbooks to increase the focus, clarity, and intention on what we desire in our world.  Our meeting times and how often we meet depend entirely on the mastermind group.  We set up programs to fit everyone’s schedules. Much success being generated out of our mastermind groups.

Currently, I am looking for young adults ages from 20 -40 yo to start up a mastermind group pilot program.  We will be using portion of A Journey into Value Systems as a guide.  If you’re in this age group and interested in becoming a part of a mastermind group contact Keith Thompson at myvaluesystems@gmail.com.

STORE – https://myvaluesystems.com/store/#!/A-Journey-into-Value-Systems-Mastermind-Group/p/56646389/category=14120072

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