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Well!  It’s about that time when we start our New Year Resolutions.  Being a Professional Health Coach, my own personal health is very important to me.  So, I think about my health as a major player in my value systems.  One of my biggest challenges with my health has been dealing with hypertension, especially in my fifties.  I had no interest in taking blood pressure medication as a quick fix.  I wanted to find the causes of the situation in order to change the effects.  Now, it took me a number of years for me to discover how to keep my numbers down under 140/90.  I won’t bore you with the details but it took some work, emotional investigating, and changing some of my physical activities.

If you have plans to improve your health in 2016 here are some ideas to start with.

From the genius level of mind:

  1. Start with building and understanding your philosophy about health values. By having a philosophy about health values, it sets up the foundation of belief systems and associated thought processes that supports the philosophy.  We basically do this anyway.  But, many times it is done on the unconscious level of mind and this is where the ego mind plays.  Because the ego mind is at play many of our goals never get accomplished.  By using the genius mind it brings everything to forefront and awareness begins.  By developing a philosophy about health values, from the genius level of mind, we can begin to see the pitfalls that the ego mind brings.  When revelations about our health values occur, we now have the power to improve our health conditions or keep the old behaviors in place.
  2. Create an attitude about your health. I left “positive” attitude about your health out on purpose.  Both positive and negative things we have experienced about our health are of value.  It is a great feedback mechanism to include both positive and negative energies.  Many of the negative results I was experiencing about my heart gave me the fortitude to keep pushing to find the answers.  When I had those moments of successes, you would hear a commanding “YES” come out of me.  I would give myself a hug with both hands on my back and say, “good job!”  That’s attitude!  Having an attitude, from the genius level of mind, brings out some very powerful and strong emotions.  Emotions that is strong enough to heal.
  3. Create activities for your health. This becomes an easier task when your genius philosophies and attitudes are in place.  I have come across many clients that tell me, I don’t know what I want to do for activities.”  My first responds is, “Have you asked?”  Part of our brilliance is we have the abilities to ask questions.  Many have forgotten there’s a genius part of us that knows us very well!  My activities of choice are martial arts, going for walks, playing basketball, and eating healthy meals.  Obviously, that will not be the choice of many.  So, we have to ask the question, “What are the best activities for me to obtain optimal health?”  Once the answers start pouring in, start the program immediately!  Discipline is required to keep the activities alive and to build on your philosophies and attitudes.  It becomes a system where each facet supports each other.  It becomes a lot easier to put goals in place when we know what our philosophies, attitudes, and activities are about health values.
  4. Track your results to become successful. All people who are about success go through a trial, error, and success process.  The first step to tracking results is getting started with your ideas.  Some of your ideas will be successful and some will not.  This is part of the discovery process.  It’s about understanding your positive and negative energies.  The paradoxical situation for me was, I was doing something I didn’t want to give up.  But, it was causing the problem!  Do you want to know what the major problem was?  Drinking beer too much for my body!  I had to drop my consumption of beer to about once a month and maximum 2 bottles for that day.  Tracking my results really helped me see what my positive and negative energies are.  By the way I still have work to do.
  5. Create a lifestyle that represents your genius mind. We have the power to choose!  That is part of the wonderful gifts we have.  What better way to have the mindset and philosophy about our health values using the genius mind.

Happy Holidays!

A Journey into Value Systems course will be starting in January!

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