Let the journey begin!

A Journey into Value Systems is your guide to discovering your genius value systems!

A Journey into Value Systems – Cracking the Genius Code starting point!

The journey challenge:

Earth is our beautiful planet.  This picture was taken by NASA.  Just to the left of our planet there is a spark.  That spark is our star, the Sun.  I chose this picture because I wanted to show how beautiful things are from a different advantage point.  There are no lines drawn on Earth to show boundaries from one country to another. 

Earth is owned by the Universe.  We are unable to control the rotation of our planet or how the planet moves around our star.  The movement of the Earth is controlled by the Universe and there is perfection with this movement.  Earth is not owned by the Americans, the Russians, the Asians, or any other beautiful culture or race on our planet. 

I am using “our planet” to represent Oneness with the Universe!  When we move into Oneness with the Universe, we become one with Earth and part of the bigger picture.  All of us are on a journey much bigger than we think. 

Each and everyone one of us has been given a beautiful gift.  This gift is the ability to create on our planet.  What we create has many elements to it: what we believe, what emotions we have, and what we think.  The thoughts, emotions, and beliefs we have will either bring us into alignment with Earth or create a false separation. 

We know there’s a power of Love that can and does engulf the whole Universe if we are paying attention.  We also know through experiences unaware children can destroy things and hurt people on our planet because of mis-creation.  I could write a book on this topic. 

Here are the challenges:  Create a journey that is greater than you think you are.  To go beyond who you think you are means, you are moving into a higher reality of you!  Move out of your comfort zone and create new value systems that move you into creating your geniuses and highest excitements on Earth.  What are those excitements?

The best place to start is to discover what your current values are!

There’s a lot of information on our website and I’m always adding new and powerful information.  Ask lots of questions by becoming a subscriber, so we can all learn together.  Being on this path is challenging however, the rewards are unmeasurable!

Let the journey begin!

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